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I came across this amazing book by Phillippe Bourseiller when i was in Denmark close to a year ago: "For the past 15 years, Phillippe Bourseiller has photographed nature from every angle: from the eruption of the volcano Pinatubo to the great deserts of ice and sand, he has captured the hidden colours and breathtaking lights of our planet. But our contemporary way of life threatens this fragile beauty. To encourage more restraint, Philippe Bourseiller teams 365 photographs with a daily ecological action. Each of the initiatives is accompanied by facts and statistics that illustrate the threats to the environment posed by our behavious, and demonstrate the beneficial consequences of the recommended actions. Each day reveals the image of a wonder of nature along with the guidelines to preserve our planet. Through the pages of 365 Ways to Save the Earth, a truly ethical way of life takes shape." Starting from today, i would like to post each inspiring page according to the days on the yearly calendar (supposed to start from jan, but...i'll catch up!). Hopefully, you'll look at everyday a little differently after this...

Monday, January 8, 2007

Consumption - Buy recycled

Buy products that can be recycled in order to save natural resources. Recycled goods perform just as well as new products made from raw materials. Although some recycled goods are more expensive, many are competitively priced, particularly those products which have been on the market for some time. Be proactive and encourage recycling by buying more recycled products.
When you go shopping, always look for a recycled version of whatever you want to buy. Many kinds of products are now available: from office supplies, paper, textiles and carpets, to building materials and parts for your car.

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